Sunday, January 10, 2010

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1st Blog. Please note that all videos are being upgraded and images cleaned. Thankyou
1.The Second Whiskey Company.2. Poem Whiskey Two
3.Roll of Honour 4.Our Battle Casualties
5.Tribute 08 photo 6.The Vietnam Era music of the 60s/70s. 7.Whiskey Two march 8.Tribute to VietnamVeterans 9.Whiskey Two gathering 10. Poems of
Spirit and Action THE PUNJI PIT by John Moller

2nd Blog
Slideshow 1.Yesterday when we were young
2.A Blast From The Past
3.Home At Nui Dat 4. Off On OPS
5.Hangi 6. On The Way To VUNGERS

3rd Blog
1.The Second Indo China War wikipedia
2.The Shadows of Vietnam video/Vietnam War archives link
3.Our ANZAC Brothers in Arms links to & video of the
Battle of Long Tan
4.Australian Memorial March Video

4th Blog
The Enemy 1. The Elephant and the Tiger
a. videos of/from the other side b.Ho Chi Minh
c. The USSR Contribution d.The Vietcong
2.Google images of Phuc Tuy Province-Video-Impact Of The Media
a.Dat Do and The Horseshoe-Video - When The Children Cry
b. Whats Left of The Horseshoe
c.Where The Battle of Long Tan took place-3 videos of that Battle by 60 minutes
d.The Village of Binh Ba -video - Battle of Binh Ba
e.Old Saigon - video - A Salute for The Fallen Brave

5th Blog
2.Tribute 08
a.News video of Govt apology b.Defence apology
c. TV NZ Video of Tribute 08 (x3)
d.ANZAC DAY Vietnam Veterans

6th Blog
1.Reminiscence by Evan McKenzie
2.Photos - Pine Tree & Joe
3.One Small Step

7th Blog
1.Tribute to Danny Lepper Memorial 20 Feb 2010



Saturday, November 14, 2009


The Second Whiskey Company

Came into being on 15 May 1968 as D Company, 1RNZIR, in Terendak Garrison,
Malacca, Malaysia, Commanded by Major LG Williams with Capt BP Cudby as 2IC, Lt G Keelty, 2Lt R Milne and 2Lt J Sherriff as Platoon Commanders. Prior to The Company being posted to South Vietnam Lt J Moller replaced Lt Keelty and 2Lt M Knight-Willis
replaced 2Lt Sherriff. WOII JB Hedley was appointed the CSM and Ssgt TH Rangi CQMS.
On 16 May, The CO 4RAR(NZ) Battalion, based at Nui Dat South Vietnam, visited
The Company.
Reinforcements for D Coy, arrived from NZ on May 24, 25 and 26 with a last contingent
arriving 9 July. Training became intense culminating in a final exercise in Jahore State
in October 1968.
On October 30 the Company advance party left for South Vietnam with the rest of the
Company deploying on November 13/14, To be officially designated WHISKEY TWO COMPANY on the later date.

OC Major LG Williams

Left: Capt Cudby, Lt Moller, 2Lt Milne, 2Lt Knight-Willis

Centre: Maj Williams, Ssgt Rangi, Sgt Jenkins

Right: WOII Hedley, Sgt Bold, Sgt Flutey, Sgt Hornbrook


As Whiskey Two we fought in Nam sent to help our Brothers In Arms and this

we did but sad to tell seven fell. Brave young men with courage fought the NVA

the Vietcong in the steamy jungles all went wrong.

Our wounded numbered four times as much missing limbs scars and such and

now we live with the memories of war. Time can heal our aches and pains but

battle scars they remain and our lives forever changed.

And now we have NZVA they've done so much come what may but do they

recognise all that befalls us. With rashes cancer PTSD deep inside there is no

harmony and agent orange smiles with glee.

Our Rangatira he has gone to take the parade upstairs with God but don't

hurry he'll wait till you get there. A Band of Brothers we must be to help

each other we are family let no one pass in despair or alone

On ANZAC Days we march with pride medals pinned left breast high and

with heavy hearts we remember those who are absent. Wipe your tears

and cry no more they're all upstairs with the Boss for sure just waiting

for the next roll call.

2 Sec, 2 Pl


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Whiskey Two Tribute 08

Songs of the day click onto to listen to the
music that graced the airways of that period

Whiskey Two Tribute 08

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vietnam Veterans

May no man dishonour their bravery...we lived in a cowering world... therefore needed brave men like the Vietnam Veterans. Dr Pham Kim Vinh

Vietnam Veterans


Read the POEMS from by John Moller to find the pleasures of sound, rhythm and imagery, feel the stir of emotion that will develope fresh perceptions.